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Revitalize Your Complexion with Icon™

Do you have sun damage, facial veins, or an overall uneven skin tone? Icon laser skin revitalization treatments are designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots and rosacea to give you a glowing complexion.

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How does laser dark spot removal work?

Icon laser sun spot reduction treatments use light-based energy to clear away facial vessels and reveal clearer skin. This laser energy reaches deep below the surface of the skin without causing harm to the surrounding skin. You should see a gradual decrease in the appearance of dark spots and rosacea while the pigment is expelled through your body’s natural process.

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What to expect during facial redness treatment

Each Icon laser skin revitalization treatment lasts less than a half hour and is safe for most skin types. While individual patient experience may vary, multiple sessions may be required for best possible results. There is low discomfort associated with laser treatments to reduce the appearance of dark spots and facial vessels. This is a non-invasive treatment, so you can return to your daily activities following the session without any downtime.


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